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Are You Ready for a New Job? Then Let us Help You Work it out 

Updated on Feb 09, 2022 12630 views
Are You Ready for a New Job? Then Let us Help You Work it out 

Are you ready for a new job? then let us help you work it out. 

You see that job that you cannot stop dreaming about, we are ready to help you get it. Before you say you are tired of trying, we know how it feels and that is why we want to help. 

Oh, do you still think we don't know?

a. We know how you forgo all the interesting news trending online to view job vacancies.

b. We know how much time you have invested in applying for hundreds of jobs daily, but yet no luck.

c. We even know how annoying it has been for you to spend time and money to attend job interviews, only to hear; "we will get back to you soon" and you check; just to realize that it is past (3) three months already.

Do you think we don't know? We know how you feel on Monday morning seeing people go to work, you want to do the same, but no job!

Trust me, we get it. 

We know how difficult it is to live without a job, that is why we want to embark on this journey with you. We want to lead you to the job of your dreams. To make this our journey (the journey to helping you land a job) fruitful we will love you to take a few guided steps.

If you say YES! to taking these steps, then it is time for you to work it out with MyJobMag.

What do we mean by Work-it-out with MyJobMag?

It means that you are ready to embark on the journey of landing a job soon with MyJobMag. If you want to land a job in Nigeria soon, then MyJobMag has all the tools that you need to land a job that you would love.


1. Get 5 times more visibility with a complete profile on MyJobMag. 

To get you started on the path of getting a job, let us get you in the eyes of employers searching for candidates like you? It is easy, all you need to do is create a job seekers' profile on MyJobMag and complete it up to 100%.

Don't worry, this does not require you to pay any money, and it won't waste your time too. All you need to do is:


a. Correctly fill out the spaces by typing or selecting the right information.

b. Add a personal statement. This is more like your career objective, one that will give employers' searching an idea of who you are and what you can do.

c. Build a CV in minutes in case you don't have one. The CV builder ensures that you don't leave out any important section of your CV.


Just do these few things and more employers searching for candidates on MyJobMag will find you easily. The idea behind creating a profile on MyJobMag and ensuring that it is 100% complete is:

a. We want to showcase your skills, experience, and achievements in a clear and organized manner to employers who are urgently in need of someone like you.

b. We want to make it easy for you to be contacted as soon as an employer shows interest in you without your direct effort.

Are you still confused about how you can create a job seekers' profile? Click to watch this explainer video.


Complete Your Profile on MyJobMag


2. Get experts to review your CV

The truth is that you are not going to get far without a CV. When we say CV, we are not talking about the one that you made in hurry as soon as you graduated from the University. Employers spend 6 seconds looking through a CV. So, if your CV does not scream hire me! it will likely be tossed to a corner.

Also these days, companies use Ai tools to separate good CVs from bad ones. If you are worried because you think that your CV does not cut it, you don't have to.

This is because we will help you create a CV that will not just scream hire me! but a CV that is sure to make it past the ATS. While we are working on your CV, we will put that amazing touch on your cover letter as well. FInd out more about our CV rewrite service.


3. Get on-demand career advice

We know that searching for a job is a journey, but doesn't it make more sense for you to embark on this journey with career experts? One thing about the job search is that you may not get the in-between the line information you need to move on to the next level.

We know that you need answers to some specific questions like: How can I get sample answers to the top 100 interview questions? What are the skills that employers want to see in a job candidate's CV?

Can I get CV templates that I can customize easily?

Our team of career expert have all the answers that you need and more. As long as your questions are job-related, rest assured you have all the answers you need once you click on the MyJobMag career advice center button.


4. Attend MyJobMag online training and join the list of insider-job seekers on MyJobMag's Telegram group for job seekers.

Okay, most of the actions that you are required to take from numbers 1-3 will require that you interact with the website in some ways, but you want to talk to a human!

We absolutely understand the need for human relations especially when it has to do with a challenge that you are experiencing. You would agree that the best kind of advice comes from someone that has experienced the challenge you are facing, fought, and got results right?

These are the kind of people that MyJobMag exposes you to. How right?

MyJobMag often organizes FREE online training that will equip job seekers with the information they need to land a job. Asides from the knowledge gained, job candidates have the opportunity to ask questions bordering them as well as get one-on-one feedback from our training facilitator.

All right, human interaction just got better. Do you know that you can interact with the brand on a personal level? Yes, you can. All you need do is to join MyJobMag insider-job candidate Telegram group with this link.

As a member of the group, you are free to ask questions, send personal messages that will get a response almost immediately.

Our job candidate engagement team are the warmest professional you can think of. They are always ready to support you at every point and are also ready to build a lasting relationship with you. 



5. Compare your salary with our salary calculator.

Have you ever received a job interview invite, and you want to know how much the company is willing to pay before investing time to prepare and attend the interview? The truth is that when you get a job (which we are sure you are getting soon) you will love to be well compensated for the work that you do.

We know you would need this, that is why you should check what others in your job field or role are earning. This will also help you when negotiating your salary with your prospective employer. Visit to see what other in your job field are earning and find your market worth.


Now, you can see that we have got you covered 100%. It is time for you to work it out by following these steps.

Let us know if you have any questions.


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