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Beware: Corinthia Hotels

Updated on May 19, 2013 4678 views
Considering the high employment rate in the country, some 'ill' motive individuals might have seen this as an opportunity to swindle unsuspecting job seekers.

In this post, we will be sharing our experience with supposed "Corinthia Hotel"

We received a call from a young lady requesting to post a job for their UK branch office for job seekers in Nigeria on The default question we asked was: "If you are recruiting people for a company in UK, why not target UK audience first?"

This raised a red flag, but we decided to go a step further with the quest. We requested that the job details be sent to us.

When we received the email, we noticed three things:

- The job titles and details were omitted
- There was a glaring line: "Monthly Salary: 200,000NGN and above depending on level of work experience."
- They are using email address

These points raised the following questions:
- For an advertiser, is the job detail not key? How will job seekers know if they are qualified and know the positions they are even applying for? or is it an all comers affair?
- A minimum of 820 GBP for any position! Come on, when you get to UK, you will find lots of people begging for that position; and crying out loud that seems to be the only selling point the company has! They are not promising any career prospect.
- How come a company this big uses @ovi email address?

To take the game to the next level, we queried the email address, and in a bid for them to fix this flaw, they changed it to

This is the straw that broke the camels back, there was no need playing further. It was obvious something is fishy.
As if the above isn't enough, they sent the plethora of job positions:

Conference/Banqueting Operations Manager
Food/Beverage Team Members
Banquest Sales Executive
Banquest sales Coordinato
Assistant Manager of front office
Floor Manager
Casino/Bar Supervisor
Door Person
Qualified Nurses
Housekeeping Service Coordinator
Room Attendant
Security Personnel
Reservation Clerk
Reservation Manager
Computer Operator

We took out time to visit Corinthia Hotel website: and it was clear they are not in Nigeria. How come we received a call from their branch in Nigeria?

We strongly advise you, yes you to beware of this type of job posts offering juicy pay in UK, when we have lots of unemployed graduates in the UK!

Share this post, don't let loved ones fall for this scam and the likes!

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