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MyJobMag Website Update: What It Means For Job Seekers

Updated on Feb 21, 2020 5427 views
MyJobMag Website Update: What It Means For Job Seekers

MyJobMag Website Update: What It Means For Job Seekers


MyJobMag has always been your trusted job site for getting the best and most verifiable jobs in Nigeria. 


And being the type of job site we are, our purpose isn’t only to connect you to good companies after rigorous preparation via our career advice platform, but we also pride ourselves on making the whole process as easy as possible.


We back up our claim to be the surest way for you to land a job, whether as a fresher or an experienced worker in any industry by providing you with a website that makes your job search process easy, and we have done you one better.


Actually, we have done you several updates better…


The MyJobMag website has a new update and below is how it positively changes the way you use the website as a job seeker:


#1: What’s New With The MyJobMag Website?

In Terms Of Look:


A new and modern design that makes the website look more colourful and alive.

Hmmm, what else do we have?


A Search Button That Lets You Customize Your Search


With new websites comes a new search button that lets you customize your search by allowing you to look for jobs based on the name of the company hiring or job title, industry, location, field, level of experience, and educational background.

Simply click on the Advanced  Search drop-down menu, to unveil these new search features.


Navigation Bars That Filter Out Semantic Noise


New and quick navigation bars that lead you straight to the pages you wish to visit on the website, without any interference or interruptions from other elements on the site.

Now when you click on the CV Services or Get Advice navigation bars it takes you straight to those pages, and you won’t get confused about what button does what.


Save The Job You Want


As a  Jobseeker this new update allows you to save the job you want and return to apply to it whenever you are ready.


Personalised Job Alerts 


On this updated site, you can get personalised job alerts for the kind of jobs you want.

All you need do is sign up with your email address and select the job fields you are interested in, to get notifications every time a new job in your interested field is posted on the site.

Follow a company and get alert when they post jobs.


Personalised Push Notifications


By subscribing to our updated personalised push notifications, you can keep an eye on what’s happening on the website while you still do other things. And you can do a lot.

Why is this good?

  • Select the times of the day you would like to be notified

  • Receive fast and automatic notifications for jobs and articles

  • Get free notifications via email and SMS

It’s still the same routine, but better and more convenient for you.


#2: A Revamped Internship / Volunteer Page

Our new and improved website comes with brand new internship and volunteer opportunities for you so that you can gain experience while still waiting to start your dream career. And it all starts with the click of a button. 

This page now has easier new controls that allow you to do anything from checking out new internship/ volunteer opportunities posted daily to applying for the available positions in various industries or scholarships. 

It also comes with a direct peek out our Graduate Starter Pack so you don’t have to look hard for it.



#3: Graduate Starter Pack 

Previously we compiled a starter pack for you graduates which came with, a job search guide, CV review, and a one-hour consultation which you loved.

Now, you can now easily access and use our improved Graduate Starter Pack Page by clicking on the Navigation bar above the Internship page on our website.


#4: CV Re-Write Services With A Fresh New Look And Even Fresher Perspective

Our CV rewrite service has a brand new page outlook, that also doubles down as a channel where you can either request to have your CV rewritten, get your cover letter written, and also order our LinkedIn Branding service.

This new one is obviously nothing like the old, and takes on a different approach when it comes to hammering on the importance of having an excellent CV, a well-written cover letter and branding your LinkedIn Page. 

No matter, your application will still stand out from thousands and land you a job faster after you employ our expertise.



#5: Mobile Friendly

We know how you like to do things with your phone, so we’ve made this new website mobile friendly so that you can even search for a job with your phone. 

It loads faster and sizeable enough to fit your phone screen so that you don’t miss out the outstanding visuals.

Our services and website features are still authentic and beneficial to you, all we did was them a facelift.

Seeing is believing.

Get a feel of our new website and tell us what you think.

Staff Writer

This article was written and edited by a staff writer.

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