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9 Freelance Expert Roundup - Freelancing Tips for Begineers

Updated on Nov 14, 2019 4031 views
9 Freelance Expert Roundup - Freelancing Tips for Begineers

Are you considering becoming a freelancer or did you just start your freelancing career and you are scared of the journey ahead?

Better still do you want to know what it takes to become a successful freelancer?

You are not alone.

According to this statistic, there are over 28million freelancers worldwide and this figure is growing every day.

That means freelancing has come to stay. In fact, a lot of freelancers view freelancing as a career instead of a temporary job.

So if you are new to freelancing, then take a backseat and read what these freelancers have to say. A lot of them such as Neville Medhora have built billion dollars empire by freelancing and he is not alone.

In this article, you will hear from 10+ freelancers on the best tips for people who are getting started and want to become a freelancer. You will also learn a lot about what to do and what to avoid doing.


Who is A Freelancer?

freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services, often working on several jobs for multiple clients at the same time.


Why did most people choose to become freelance?


There are tons of reasons why people chose to become freelancers. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Freelancers get paid better than their counterparts
  • They chose what projects to work on
  • They have time to spend on activities they want
  • They dictate the time they want to work


Now that you know the reasons why some people choose to freelancer, here is how to get started as a successful freelancer as shared by some of our freelancing experts.


Expert Roundup: The Best Freelancing Advice for beginners.


Name: Preston Lee

Website: Millo

Twitter: @milloteam

preston lee freelancer at milo

So many freelancers get started the wrong way. They think they need a business license, a trademarked name, and a perfect portfolio. In the process of trying to secure all of that, they burn out and end up getting a day job instead. Freelancers who end up surviving, focus on finding freelance jobs first and foremost. The rest can all come later, but if you don't have money coming in the door right away, you're not actually in business. Find clients—everything else will follow.



Name: Nathan Hirsch

Website: Freeup

Twitter: @freeeup

nathan freelancer at freeup

Think of becoming a freelancer as starting your own business. You're effectively starting a freelance business that offers specific digital services to businesses. Identify what core services you can offer, look at what others are charging for the services, build a professional brand online using LinkedIn, Facebook, and other portfolio sites, and develop your own processes for finding new clients. Your core focus should always be (a) finding new clients interested in your services (b) making sure those clients are happy with your work and communication. When you can perfect those two aspects of a freelance business, you will have good chances of succeeding. 



Name: Sabina

Website: World of Freelancers


nathan freelancer

Here is my answer to the question you asked: People who have a "regular" job and are interested in switching to freelancing should start doing a bit of freelance work on the side before quitting your job. You'll find out if you like freelancing and if  you're good at the type of work you've chosen to do. You'll also learn about sending invoices and dealing with fluctuating income. When you begin freelancing full time, it's a really good idea to engage in more than one type of work so that you will have multiple income streams.


Name: Lauren Holden

Website: Lauren Holden

Twitter: @lhf_copywriter

lauren holden freelancer

Start slowly. If you're in the fortunate position to be in a full-time role, use any free time away from your job (evenings, weekends, even your week-long holiday) to put the wheels in motion to build up a freelance business. It'll make taking the plunge and leaving your job much less daunting, as you'll have a few clients on standby who are ready to use your services. Make friends in the freelancing community, too. When you work for yourself, you'll need a good network of likeminded people around you. Plus, they may also offer you some sage advice on setting up as a freelancer


Name: Neville Medhora

Website: Kopy Writing Kourse

Twitter:  @NevMed

neville freelancer at kopywritecourse

I would become a Triple Threat. This means getting decently good in 3 different fields, which makes you a more powerful freelancer.
For example, I concentrated on being decently good at copywriting, being decently good at making images, and being decently good at making a website.  This trifecta of skills made me a more profitable and versatile freelancer!



Name: Suzanne Boles

Website: Suzanne Boles

Twitter: @suzanneboles


“Use Your Story to Attract More Clients”

Storytelling has been used for centuries to pass on the information and teach. Stories are embedded in our long-term memory far easier than memorizing facts and statistics. Using storytelling to share information about a brand or service (sometimes referred to as emotional branding) can create an indelible memory and a personal connection between a product and the consumer. It can be instrumental in persuading someone to support a cause or buy a product or service.


Name: Lauren Spear

Website: LittleZotz Writing

Twitter: @littlezotzwrite

lauren spear freelancer

Don’t wait. You can begin your freelance writing career at any time. Even if you’re not old enough to open up a PayPal account, you can still start building your portfolio by writing freebie articles or uploading posts to your own blog. If you are old enough to have a PayPal (or bank) account? You have zero excuses. Dive in. Post articles on your website (side note: get a website!), write guest posts and apply for writing jobs.



Name: Jerry Nelson

Website:  Jandrewnelson

Twitter: @Journey_America

jerry nelson


Without marketing skills, your manuscript, no matter how insightful and thought provoking it is, won’t be seen. Marketing isn’t easy for most writers. It goes against our naturally introverted personas, but it’s a requirement.Without marketing skills, just stand on the bridge and throw your manuscript to the winds and hope for the best — it’s the same thing. I read somewhere once that being a success at freelance writing is 90% talent and 10% marketing your work. I won’t quibble over percentages, but those sound about right to me."



Name:  Dale Basilla

Website: Howpo


Be ambitious and don't settle for less. Freelancing is never easy, don't give up even if everyone doubted you including yourself. Cast away your pride and grab the opportunity to learn from other freelancers as it will help you along your journey and be humble. 
Lastly, Pray to God always!



There you have it. Practical advices from successful freelancers on what to do if you want to become a successful freelancer. Now over to you.

What is major challenge are you facing as a freelancer?

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