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Assessment Center 001

Updated on Oct 24, 2012 3293 views
Assessment Center 001


Assessment Center has a variety of definitions and these are based on its methodology of assessing a candidate’s performance and aptitude.

An Assessment Center is actually a process applicants take part in and is not specific to any one location. These procedures are designed to ensure employee investment is maximised for both the organisation and the individual.

Many organisations use the expertise of an HR consultant to design the exercises to meet their specific role requirements and then to conduct the actual testing and assessment of candidates. These services come with a significant cost and that is why you will increasing face testing through an Assessment Center as you apply for higher-level strategic and technical roles.

Recruiters use assessment center to find out how candidates perform in various situations, in particular group situations, which are often modeled on real life work-based scenarios. They are most frequently used by large graduate employers who want to hire a relatively large number of people for a similar job role, such as a graduate scheme.

The term "assessment center" is used because employers usually conduct these extended assessments in a single centre, either an office of the employer themselves or at a third party venue, such as a hotel or function room. The term "assessment day" is used because most of the time, these extended periods of assessment last for the best part of a day. Many last for 24 hours, and some even last longer (up to three days).






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