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Cover Letters: Are they really important?

Updated on Oct 19, 2012 4783 views
Cover Letters: Are they really important?

It is usual practice for job seekers to send CVs without cover letter.These days our cover letter seems to be only: 'Sent from Blackberry Wireless'.

Anyway, before we proceed, the question is: What is a cover letter?
A cover letter introduces you! It says a lot about you in a minute. It includes all you may find difficult to include in your CV. As a HR professional, am not really interested in your 'Sent from Blackberry Wireless' cover letter; rather am interested in knowing you!
So find below some cover letter quick tips:
  • Do not use a default cover letter. This is very important as each job comes with its unique requirements. It is a blunder to use the same cover letter for different unrelated jobs.
  • You may decide to spare the HR personnel some stress by leaving out your course of study, year of graduation and school attended in your cover letter, unless otherwise stated.
  • Edit your signature. Use signatures that sell. Using a signature like 'Web Application Developer' while applying for a web developer position is better than using 'OG The Man'
  • Your cover letter may just be the push you need for that job. It deserves the extra time!

Hey, before you send that next job, write a good cover letter for it....... Good luck!

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