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Use your Computer Experience to Your Advantage

Updated on Sep 26, 2012 2465 views
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There is one area of experience where you will likely outshine the great majority of the working world: computers. You have grown up with computers throughout your school years and have a level of comfort shared by few in the work force. Why not use your experience to your advantage?

Take advantage of this experience by highlighting your proficiencies on your resume and within the context of your interviews. Just having user-level knowledge of PC software (such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) will greatly increase your potential value for most companies.

An understanding of computers and technology in general is essential for all professionals in the 21st century.

In addition, Internet knowledge and experience is another area where you can shine. Most companies are looking to hire people who bring practical skills to the position, and computer literacy is a very practical work skill in almost every profession. It is a mistaken impression that computer knowledge is important only in technical professions. It is important in the majority of professions, where your level of computer knowledge can produce an experience difference that actually tilts in your favor over more experienced job seekers.

If you still have time before graduation, seek to learn the software programs and packages that are most common within your target profession or industry. Not only will it prepare you well for your eventual work, it will prepare you well for scoring points during your job search.



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