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Apply For The NITDA National Technology Competition 2015

Updated on Nov 25, 2015 3183 views
National Technology Competition is an annual event as an initiative of Open Source Global limited that intends to showcase, develop, discover and encourage the state of ICT in Nigerian education system.

This initiative will take care of three (3) educational levels:
  • ICT education in secondary school
  • ICT education in tertiary institution
  • ICT for job seekers and for professional
We intend to support the government and management of ICT education in Nigeria under the private public partnership.

This event will be used to introduce entrepreneurship in ICT and encourage student through their knowledge and skills, benefit and employment opportunity in the industry. We also want to use this to promote ICT inclusion in education.

2015 National Technology Competition

Aims and Objectives
This year's event is focused on best education in Web Design in Secondary Schools.
  • To discover the best student in secondary school in web design in Nigeria.
  • Stimulate the entrepreneurship opportunity in information technology in Nigeria education system.
  • Help students discover their creative skills through the competition.
  • Working with gifted and talented students through identification and challenge.
  • To promote the development and deployment of ICT infrastructure for educational need of youth
  • To promote the inclusion of ICT in the Nigeria education curriculum effectively through adequate delivery and infrastructure
  • To enhance existing educational facilities and capacity and create new sustainable innovative educational system to meet the need of those traditionally excluded from the educational system by using ICT
  • To create awareness of the impact of ICT as it affects all the facets of the society and is used to meet real development needs such as wealth creation, job creation, poverty reduction, economic growth and education
Assessment Criteria
Category A:

Website Content - 40%
  • The content that is present on the site is accurate, relevant, engaging, appropriate and educational to the audience. The website uses phrases, icons, and concepts familiar to the users, and presents the information in a natural and logical order.
Website Format and Style - 30%
  • The content represents a consistent look and feel throughout its entire layout, while maintaining and overall visually appealing, high quality, appropriate and readable (includes contrast, colour, white space and fonts) website. There is a clear and concise visual communication that engages its users.
Functionality and Navigation - 15%
  • The content of the website is organized and displays a consistent form of prioritization of the information.
  • The website navigation structure is consistent, but simple and intuitive enough for users, so it is easy to find needed information and what to expect from the hyperlinks on the site.
  • This makes it easy to take advantage of recognition of the content rather than recall. The ease of use was quick and comfortable to use for the first time users.
Technical Competency - 10%
  • Good functionality; links are broken, the web page loads quickly, codes that were used displays relevant and illustrates understanding of web designs and web standards and the website works across various web browsers.
Overall Impression - 5%
  • It is a complete website. The website adheres to the required scope of 2015 NTC's theme and it is educational. It also includes the required expectations from category A specific guideline.
Competition Schedule
  • Competition is open from 23rd Nov 2015 to 11th Dec 2015.
  • Finals will be held in Abuja Federal Capital Territory, 17th - 18th 2015.
  • Runner Up - Trip to Dubai internet city this December 2015.
  • 2nd Runner Up - 500gb HDD, 4gb Ram Laptop and internet modern and further advance training on web design.
  • Third Runner Up - 500gb HDD, 4gb Ram laptop.
Application Closing Date
6th December, 2015.

Method of Application
Interested applicant should take the following steps below:
  • Design a three page website to promote Tourism in Nigeria
  • Click Here to complete the application form and upload the site images to the website
  • Short-listed participant would be invited to Abuja for final with a Guardian
For more enquiries please call: 08183547284

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