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RECOMMENDED: The 7 Worst Career Advices Ever.

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RECOMMENDED: The 7 Worst Career Advices Ever. There is never lack of advice from people who have “been there and done that.”And at the start of your career it's hard to understand which pieces of wisdom are helpful and which will actually do harm. We've asked couple of dozens of people: "What was the worst career advice you have ever received?" and here is a list of the best ones:

#1 “Hard work alone equals success"

This is far from the truth. There are so many factors that contribute to career success, such as being a team player, having soft skills, and fitting in to the company culture.

#2 "Flirt with clients to get cases, sales, and to ‘strengthen’ relationships"

You should respect yourself and your clients and never play into this behavior.

#3 "If work was meant to be fun, it wouldn't be called work"

You should at least like your work to do it well. It doesn't have to be party all the way, but you shouldn't wake up in the morning and think about going to work like the worst thing that could happen.

#4 "People don't have to like you, as long as you do great work"

I've found the opposite is true. Even if your work isn't the best, I'd hire anyone that's easy to work with and open to other people's opinions over a brilliant asshole.

#5 "Wait for them to call you"

You, the seeker, are responsible for following up with the company and inquiring about the status of your application; you can’t simply sit back and wait for a phone a call.

#6 "You should stay at work for at least a year"

If you're deeply unhappy, enduring unhealthy levels of stress or your work is suffering, remaining in the job will hinder your career development.

#7 "It is too risky, too difficult, too impossible"

People try to discourage you from doing something ‘out-of-the-box’ because they themselves are too afraid to do something risky, so they validate their own for decision to stay put by putting down others who want to do something risky.

As with any advice, the key is being able to separate the bad from the good, and to follow your own intuition when necessary. It’s important to consider the source of advice that you receive and use your own discernment. Don’t solely depend on the opinions of others when making career decisions.

And that will be all for today... We wish you the very best on all your life endeavors... Do enjoy the rest of your weekend... Cheers!

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