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3 Things To Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer

Updated on Sep 21, 2015 2574 views
3 Things To Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer You spend days updating your resume and sending it on desirable positions. Then you spend weeks waiting for an answer, and then you're spending way too much time analyzing every detail of an interview. And when you finally get that job offer you think that the toughest part is over and all your efforts have finally paid off. Unfortunately, your stress isn't over just yet. This is a time when you have to make a big decision, and you need to think it trough if you don't want to regret it in a few months. So here are three most important factors to consider before accepting that job offer:

#1 - Is There Anything You Want To Negotiate?

If you're already considering saying "yes" than you certainly already negotiated your salary. If not - you should do it first. But money is not the only thing you might want to negotiate about. What other perks company can offer? Maybe health insurance will tip the scales, or maybe you wan't to have an opportunity to work remotely? Either way, you need to think about what else you want to negotiate and what benefits could make this job opportunity irresistible for you.

#2 - People You Will Work With

Your co-workers, your future manager and your team are the people who will surround you whole day every day. So it's important for you to get along with them. Bad relationships can seriously influence on your success at a job. And if the work style of your potential boss doesn't fit you at all, but you think that you'll get used to it, well, I've got bad news for you. Think about how they treated you during the interview process? If they were rude or unprofessional are you sure you want to deal with it every day?

#3 - Is This Work Something You Really Want To Do?

Well, there is certainly a reason you applied for this specific position and why do you want to accept this offer. Do you really want this job and this is what will make you happy? Or maybe this job can help you to get a position you want in the future. Look at how the position matches immediate and longer-term desires and goals. Of course, there are some roles you take because you need to be employed. But the last thing you want to do is to land a job you will hate.

Take your time and consider every detail. You shouldn't hurry with that decision. Think about what is really important for you and don't be afraid to ask your potential manager about it.

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