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Knowing When To Quit That Job

Updated on Apr 23, 2015 2841 views
Knowing When To Quit That Job Dissatisfaction with own work is not such a rare occurrence among the company's employees. There are many reasons and they are all different and individual, but in most cases the problem is quite banal and can be easily solved. But what signs are worth paying attention when it is necessary to think about the possible change of employer and finding a new job

1 - Your work is not appreciated

An employee, who honestly fulfills the work duties, wishes that his/her efforts have been appreciated. However, if you notice that the results of your work are simply ignored for a fairly long time, and your remarks are neglected by management, it is worth considering - do you want to work in the place where you will never get the right incentive for further development and professional fulfillment

A good leader will always take into account the ideas and suggestions, especially if they are aimed at increasing income of the company, improving the quality of services or attracting more customers.

2 - Work has become a monotonous routine

This problem has plagued a huge amount of employees, which can cause not only the disgust for work, but to provoke the onset of depression. If you notice that you spend more and more working hours for unnecessary activities (social networks, virtual games, etc.) instead of directly performing your work responsibilities, maybe, you just need a new, more interesting job

3 - The uncertainty in the professional responsibilities

Ask to indicate clearly what professional responsibilities are included for your post during the job interview. Performing other instructions especially those which are completely different from the necessary requirements and which are not stipulated in the employment contract, may be a sign that the company simply exploits the labor of specialists to save its own funds or the financial situation of the enterprise has huge problems.

4 - Management does not respect workers

Rules of professional etiquette should be performed by not only ordinary employees, but the company's management too. However, it often happens that the chief does not show the signs of respect and the availability of basic business skills, but also allows rude expressions and uncomplimentary statements to address of other workers. Is it worth work in the organization where comfortable and efficient work is impossible because of a strained working atmosphere

5 - Constant stress in the workplace

Unfavorable situation in the collective, moral pressure of the management, requirements of executing large volumes of work in a very short period of time, the constant delays in payment of wages - these and other reasons may be a source of constant stress, which can adversely affect the general health and mental state.

Consider whether it is possible to exclude these factors or to reduce their negative impact, or does the dismissal and job change is the only way to preserve your own health?

6 - The company is not interested in your professional development

Typically, companies that wish to remain competitive, pay great attention to the professional self-development of its staff. This is not surprising, because the firm's revenue and its reputation depend on the qualitative work of the team. The employees who see that the organization has the ability to invest its own funds and is interested in their career development, will greater appreciate their own work and perform the professional duties more responsibly.

7 - Colleagues irritate you all the time

Good and friendly atmosphere in the team is an important factor for a good performance of work. It is unlikely you will be able to be satisfied with your own job if you're to conflict with colleagues or to work under pressure. If you do not see the ways for improving the relations with co-workers and are forced to be constantly stressed, consider whether you can further carry out your professional duties in such circumstances qualitatively.

8 - You are not offered the career growth

Career growth is the goal of almost every employee. Not surprisingly that the majority of candidates are constantly trying to raise their level in order to obtain professional advancement. However, if work is well done but the management has not offered higher wages or more promising positions for the past 2-3 years, then you can hardly expect favorable offer in the future.

9 - Inadequate level of salary

Regular delays or too small wages is unlikely to be a good motivation for further work. Analyze your own skills and qualities, define with the desired level of income and post resumes on the site. Be sure to include not only professional achievements and skills, but also the correct phone and electronic contacts.

10 - You do not want to go to work

Have you increasingly begun to notice that you are looking forward for the days off and daily going to work have turned into a boring routine? If tiredness or need for the rest is not the cause of such a state, you should decide which position you really require and what working conditions must have a company of your dream.

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