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Nestle Needs YOUTH Initiative

Updated on Nov 20, 2013 4418 views
Nestle Needs YOUTH Initiative Nestle - As part of efforts to alleviate rising unemployment, Nestle International has unfolded plans to create 20,000 positions for young people over the next three years. The initiative tagged "Nestle needs YOUTH initiative" will offer jobs to 10,000 people under the age of 30 and create 10,000 apprentice positions and traineeships across Europe by 2016.

"Nestle Needs YOUTH Initiative"
According to information gleaned from the company's website, under the arrangement, Nestle in various countries of Europe will hire 3,000 young people in France, 2,420 in Germany, 1,250 in Spain and 1,080 in Italy including both direct recruitment and apprenticeship/traineeships positions spanning wide variety careers, including manufacturing, administration, Human Resources, sales, marketing, finance, engineering and R&D.

The Nestle Executive Vice-President and Zone Director for Europe, Laurent Freixe, who made the disclosure at Nestle needs YOUth launch event in Greece capital, Athens, said that growing unemployment has left many young people without a future.

"Today, one in four young people in Europe does not have a job," he said adding, "Think of the impact on our society if these young people are left on the margins, without income, without a future, without hope."

Freixe said that the initiative was the company's response to growing unemployment in the continent. "As we continue to grow and invest in Europe, we want to do all we can to strengthen and develop their skills, and improve their employability, regardless of their level of education," he said.

Nestle's Youth Employment Initiative aims to help young people in Europe get skilled and get hired.

As part of the initiative, there will also be a small number of roles specifically designed to give those from southern Europe invaluable experience working for Nestle abroad - in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Nordics and the UK.

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