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Studying in the UK Just Got Easier With UKEAS

Updated on Apr 20, 2021 2226 views
Studying in the UK Just Got Easier With UKEAS

Knock Knock! 

An amazing opportunity is here again, knocking at the door of your big dreams. 

Why? Because we believe your study abroad dreams are valid and more importantly because we know how to get you to Study in the UK this 2021. 

All you would need is to access credible and timely information on everything Study in the UK from our free event- Reimagine Study World UK Fair.  

This free event allows you the opportunity to chat with University representatives from over 40 top UK universities and get all the information you need from admission requirements to tuition and even discounts.   

Here’s a list of reasons that should convince you to register today:

  • You want to ask questions & hear directly from UK University representatives. 
  • You want to learn more about tuition fees and discounts. 
  • You don’t want your study visa application rejected. 
  • You want to learn more about the 2 years post-study work permit. 
  • You want free assistance with your application. 
  •  Who wouldn’t want all of these for free?! 

Event Details   

Date: 19TH APRIL - 8TH MAY 2021   

Venue: Microsoft Teams App (Download now)   

Hurry now, click here to register for free

Let’s get you to study in the UK this 2021. 

Registration Link

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