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Major League Hacking (MLH) Fellowship for Software Engineers - Github

Updated on May 06, 2020 2012 views
Major League Hacking (MLH) Fellowship for Software Engineers - Github


The MLH Fellowship is a 12 week internship alternative for software engineers. Instead of working for a single company, you'll work on the Open Source projects that every company depends on.

Program Overview

The MLH Fellowship aims to create a high-quality remote internship alternative that's available to students worldwide. It's designed from the ground up to recreate the best of aspects of a great internship experience with a focus on education, mentorship, and fun. So, how does it work?

You'll work in a small group called a "pod".

At the beginning of the program, fellows are placed into small groups called "pods". Each pod contains 8-10 students, a professional mentor, and 2-3 Open Source project maintainers. The pods work together to contribute to their assigned projects over the course of the program.

Your pod is your day-to-day support network.

Your pod will meet daily for the full term of the program. Most days will start with a standup where you'll plan out your day and hear about what everyone is working on. Usually you'll be working with 2-3 other fellows on a task related to one of the Open Source projects your pod supports. You might be pair programming, working through open issues, or writing up documentation together.

Don't worry, your mentor is always there to help.

Your pod's mentor has one job – help you level up by contributing to Open Source. You can reach out for help with everything from scoping to fixing a bug to reviewing your code. They'll even lead regular educational events for your pod like lunch and learns, show and tell, and workshops.

Opportunities to build your network & have fun too.

We know that a great internship experience isn't all work. That's why we've created plenty of opportunities for you to build your professional network and have fun too. You can expect an event each week designed to help you learn, build, and share. Hackathons, workshops, socials, and so much more.

The Application Process

Applications are processed on a rolling basis and close on May 22nd. Apply today to hear back by May 24th.

Step 1

Submit your application.

Complete the application form to tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, & why you want to become an MLH Fellow.

Step 2

Complete your interviews.

Speak to one of our program coordinators & talk through some code with one of our mentors.

Step 3

Finalize your enrollment.

Provide proof of your status, sign your participation agreement, & prepare for orientation.

Apply for the MLH Fellowship

Level up your software development skills as an MLH Fellow between June 1st & August 24th, 2020. Over 12 weeks, you'll learn to be a good Open Source citizen by contributing to the software that powers every business in the world. This is a paid, full-time fellowship program. While it is not a traditional job, you should treat it professionally and expect to commit significant time & energy towards it.


To be eligible you must:

  • Know how to code in at least one language
  • Understand the basics of Open Source
  •  Be a proficient english speaker
  • Be a current student
  • Able to commit 40 hours per week to the program
  • Reside/Have a bank account in an accepted country
  • Access to internet that can support video calls


Applications close on May 22nd, but are accepted on a rolling, first-come first-served basis.

Please note that you will not receive an email confirmation, but rest assured that we've received your application!

More Details can be Found on MLH Website on

Application Link

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