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Introducing Developer Circles & Andela: #BuildforSDG Challenge - Facebook for Developers

Updated on Jul 22, 2020 808 views
Introducing Developer Circles & Andela: #BuildforSDG Challenge - Facebook for Developers

The developer community has always been one of Facebook’s most important partners. Through programs like Developer Circles, we give back to this community by helping them collaborate, learn, and code with other local developers. Today, we’re continuing that support through our newest developer program—Developer Circles   Andela: #BuildforSDG Challenge.

In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are over 80K developers in 45 cities across 17 countries using Developer Circles. Developer Circles is committed to empowering these developers to build real-life, locally relevant solutions focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while gaining the skills they need to advance their careers.

About the program

#BuildforSDG Challenge is a six-week immersive program where selected developers will work in agile remote teams to innovate on projects relating to the SDGs. The top five (5) teams from each challenge will be invited to a one-day pitch-a-thon event to share their ideas, get mentorship from businesses, and gain access to hiring professionals. From there, the winners of the pitch-a-thon will be invited to a regional Facebook event, receive Facebook engineering mentorship, swag, and access to a local hub with a functional workspace.

Real-Life Impact

With a goal to engage 7.5K developers, #BuildforSDG Challenge will give developers real-world experience working on high-value, high-impact projects. Not only will they improve their skills during the program, but they could benefit beyond the six weeks like these participants in similar programs. “During my program, I went in for an interview with a software company in Lagos, Nigeria, and I aced the interview with the skills and knowledge acquired from the program,” said Moronfoluwa Akintola, a developer from Nigeria . And Abdulrazaq Haroon, developer Nigeria, said, “Throughout this learning program, I not only gained new skills but also gained confidence in my problem-solving skills. I used to get discouraged whenever I had a blocker during development or while learning, but the training taught me to never give up.

Ready to grow your career?

If you want to participate in the #BuildforSDG Challenge, you must have at least one year of technical experience and have a working knowledge of front-end, back-end, or full-stack development. Candidates must be proficient in English and be based in a country where the program is held.

Sign up to advance your dev skills today and learn more about Developer Circles at

Join a circle

Dive straight into opportunities near you — like meet-ups, hackathons and online trainings — by joining Developer Circles. Can't find one near you? Apply to become a lead of your local developer community.

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Engage with opportunities

In addition to providing opportunities in your local area, we also run regional and global initiatives for further software skills development. These include free premium training courses from partners like Udacity, and the chance to compete for cash prizes in our annual Community Challenge online hackathon.

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