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How to Shortlist Faster using MyJobMag Screening Questions

Updated on Apr 09, 2022 4651 views
How to Shortlist Faster using MyJobMag Screening Questions

Shortlisting is a key stage in the recruitment process. Shortlisting can be manual and automated. It involves selecting suitable candidates based on the job specification document.

With a high volume of applications for certain positions, it is critical to have a system that enables the candidates quickly respond to specific questions that are pertinent to the job positions they are applying for. These screening questions are subsequently used to identify candidates that are suitable for the job position.

To help our partners save time and increase efficiency, we created MyJobMag screening questions to enable employers and recruiters quickly shortlist using questions that are relevant to the job position.

Screening questions on MyJobMag can be added in 3 easy steps


  • Login to your account on MyJobMag

  • Post the job details

  • Add your screening questions.


Suggestions to ensure you make the best out of screening questions


  • Set questions that are critical to the job role. These questions must represent must-haves for the role.

  • Set at least two options for each question eg. Yes/No

  • The screening questions cannot be edited after the job has gone live. This is because we need to provide a consistent screening system for all candidates for the position.

  • Collect your applications on MyJobMag to take advantage of the screening questions. Using an email or external link does not enable the recruiter to take advantage of the screening questions.

  • While reviewing and filtering applications, each screening question can be disabled.

As a leader in the recruitment industry in Africa, MyJobMag is at the forefront of making recruitment simpler and more effective. From technology services to specialised support, we are poised to work with you to ensure success in your recruitment.

To get started, create an employer account or schedule a demo call with our human resources experts.

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