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How to hire passive candidates

Updated on Mar 02, 2022 2588 views
How to hire passive candidates

Hiring suitable candidates for your open positions requires strategic planning.

Strategic planning is particularly important if you are shopping for experienced professionals as there is this saying that "the good and experienced hands are already engaged." This category of candidates that are usually employed, open to better opportunities but may not be actively applying for jobs regularly are referred to as passive candidates. 

In addition to publishing job adverts, hiring passive candidates requires being proactive. You may need to go where the candidates are, search for them and invite them to apply for your open positions.

To simplify passive candidate discovery, we created a portal for candidates to create their profiles and allow jobs and companies to find them.

We added a system that ensures that users continually update their profiles and easily turn on and turn off their profiles. This ensures that employers only talk to candidates that are open to offers.

On the other side, employers can use our ranking system to view candidates that match their search query. Employers can search based on job role, skill, location, education, among others.

What sets MyJobMag apart is your ability to view unlimited profiles and only pay for candidates you want to contact.

This ensures you hire fast at an affordable rate. You no longer have to pay the one-month gross salary of the candidate recruited any longer.

To get started, visit our candidate search page on MyJobMag. 

We have some great testimonials and will love to hear how this impacts your recruitment exercise.

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