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Call for Application - Capacity Development For Start-Ups in the Agtech Sector

Updated on Jul 22, 2020 877 views
Call for Application -  Capacity Development For Start-Ups in the Agtech Sector

Are you an AgTech Start-up looking into integrating your product or service onto a digital platform?

 Did you know,

  • with platforms you can expand your user base fast and cost-effectively?
  • platforms allow you to integrate your product or service with data and services from other providers to enhance your value proposition?
  • providing your service via a digital platform could open new revenue streams for your product?

If you are an African start-up with a digital solution in the agricultural sector, then this training is for you! We will show you the benefits of integrating, bundling and supplementing your product or service with complementary data and solutions from other providers.

What Can you Expect?

Training Program

Our dedicated D4Ag training program will empower entrepreneurs with all the skills required to integrating their D4Ag solution with data and services from other providers via digital platforms. The training will focus on three technical areas relevant for platform integration:

  • Value Proposition & Business Modelling

This module will focus on creating a joint value proposition and a mutual beneficial business model resulting out of the integration of the individual D4Ag solution onto a digital platform. You will learn how to define the value proposition of both parties and how to adapt your business model within the platform setting.

  • Technical Interoperability

This module will focus on the use and design of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as key for interoperability between systems.The module will be taught in three consecutive levels: The basic class focuses on the fundamentals of APIs, in the intermediate class you will use some APIs firsthand and the masterclass will discuss how you can integrate APIs in your product and also provides you with an introduction into Graph QL and data streaming solutions.

  • Data Analytics & Visualization

This module will introduce essential skills in data analytics and visualization. The module will also be taught in three consecutive levels: The basic class covers fundamental aspects of data structure and data storage, while in the intermediary class you will learn analytic skills and some of the most widely used statistical methods (e.g. correlations) as well as how to use data for predictions. The masterclass focuses on data visualization and how to build visual dashboards. 

During the training you will use weather and earth observation data in Africa and get ‘hands-on’ experience on how to apply your skills in practice.

As part of the training you gain free access to both accurate weather and high-resolution earth observation data in Africa to enhance your product with weather-based and satellite-based insights. You will not only receive access to data, but access will be provided with accompanying meteorological and technical support during the trial phase.

Data access to weather data will be provided by The Weather Company, an IBM business, for a period of 5 months. UP42, a geospatial developer platform, will provide access to Earth observation data and analytics with a volume of 10,000 free credits, valid for 12 months.

Program Information

The training will take place virtually for 5 days. You should reserve approximately 4 hours each day to participate in the training.

The training will be offered at two different dates – either from the 24.08.2020 – 28.08.2020 or 07.09.2020 – 11.09.2020, according to your choice.

Who Can Apply?

The training will be open to up to 40 selected start-ups with digital products or services relevant for the agricultural sector.  

If you are an African start-up in the AgTech sector, have a digital product or service on the market and are generating revenue, then you can apply!

Selection Criteria

Impact on Smallholder Farmers

We aim to maximize impact on smallholder farmers through digital solutions. We look for digital products and services that increase productivity and income of smallholder farmers, improve resilience to climate change, expand financial inclusion or contribute to food security. 

Innovation of D4Ag solution

We aim to solve problems of smallholder farmers through diverse and innovative D4Ag solutions. We look for innovators that provide distinctive and innovative D4Ag solutions or deliver D4Ag solutions in a distinct, innovative way that sets them apart.

Potential for data or service integration

We aim to create value to smallholder farmers through bundling products and services. We look for innovators with the highest potential or most specific use case of integration with data or services from other providers.

Female Entrepreneurs

We strongly encourage female entrepreneurship. It will be considered an advantage, if your founding team includes one or more female entrepreneurs.


To apply fill out the application form below and submit your application until the 26th July.

If you have any questions regarding the D4Ag training program or your application, contact the D4Ag team under:

Application Form

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