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Book of the Month: "Work Smarts: Be a Winner on the Job"

Updated on Oct 10, 2012 1821 views Featured Book of the Month for October is:

"Work Smarts: Be a Winner on the Job"

by the Five O’Clock Club coaches.

Work smarter, not harder, to move your career forward. Whether you are in a new position or have been in a job for a while, this book will help you to work smarter. The authors, all Five O’Clock Club coaches, share their expertise and collective wisdom about what it takes to succeed.

Actual case studies walk you through challenging work experiences of Five O’Clock Club clients… and how they worked smarter to resolve them.

In this book, Twenty Five O’Clock Club coaches and three Five O’Clock Club executives teach you how to:

  •     Position yourself smartly to excel in today’s fast-paced organizations.
  •     Turn difficult work situations into opportunities.
  •     Ask for a pay raise.
  •     Handle conflict at work.
  •     Make sure those above you know how good you are.
  •     Be an effective leader.
  •     Handle corporate politics.
  •     Keep your job and do well in it.

Check out: Sample Chapter and Table of Content

Click here for more information on the book.


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