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Apply For The Lagos Study Program at Andela

Updated on Jun 23, 2016 1321 views

At Andela, we find the brightest young people in Africa, train them to be world-class developers and connect them with employers around the world seeking top technical talent. Passion, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and determination to improve the status quo are only a few of the many resources the remarkable Andela team brings with them.

With the youngest population in the world, Africa is the world’s greatest untapped source of spectacular talent. The four-year Andela Technology Leadership Program is the core mechanism by which we transform Andela fellows into passionate change agents able to drive current and future tech-enabled growth in Africa and around the world. Guiding and molding these elite young people to achieve their maximum potential is an essential aspect of both individual and organizational success.

Job description

The Lagos Study Bootcamp seeks to provide an accessible version of the original Andela Homestudy Program to young people interested in pursuing a career in Software Development. During this program, you will be taught the basics of coding from our home study curriculum. This opportunity will give you and all candidates a higher chance of having a successful career in technology.

It is an 11-week program to introduce you to the practical concepts of Software Development with an eye to helping develop your career in the ICT space. This program is made possible by a partnership between Andela and the Lagos State Government through the Ministry of Wealth Creation & Employment and Ministry of Science & Technology for sustainable collaboration in technology skill acquisition and employability.


For any questions, please email us at and if you are interested in Lagos State Government Jobs, you can find them here on our site.

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