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2016 UBER Lagos Driver Recruitment & Car-owner Recruitment

Updated on Apr 22, 2016 3086 views
The Company
UBER is a global technology company that allows riders to request cars using a smartphone app. Cars are not owned by Uber but by individual "driver-partners" who drive cars they already own or by investor-partners who buy cars & hire drivers. Uber is in over 400 cities in 65+ countries across the world and has spread across Lagos since launching operations in Lagos in July 2014. If you know Lagos and can drive well, apply now to start earning ASAP.

Roles & Responsibilities

To be successful on the Uber platform, drivers must 1) know Lagos roads 2) be familiar with smartphones & GPS navigation 3) be customer-service-oriented. Driving on the Uber platform already provides steady income for a large number of drivers in Lagos. And if you own a car that is 2009 or newer and less than 100,000kms, you can put it on Uber and earn by driving yourself or by getting other drivers to drive for you while collecting a share of fares from riders. The entire Uber platform for drivers is designed to empower drivers and car owners to increase earnings opportunities.

  • Valid Driver's License (temporary is OK)* Valid LASDRI Card (temporary is OK)
  • Successful completion of background check that includes guarantor verification & psychometric exam
Car Owner
  • Car is 2009 or newer
  • Car mileage is less than 100,000kms
Additional Information
Drivers driving for a car owner can make up to N60,000 or more each month
Car owners can make up to N350,000 or more each month

NOTE: Deadline is approaching very soon!

Sign up now if 1) you want to make money by driving or 2) you want to make money by putting a car on Uber for others to drive:

Sign up here:

Drivers: After signing up you have to book a training/onboarding slot at if you're a driver.
Car-Owners: If you're a car owner, you can attend car-owner information sessions on Mondays & Wednesdays at 6PM and Fridays at 10:30AM

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