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We will partner with your company to deliver the right technology solution by helping you hire, coach and manage your tech talents, thereby ensuring they deliver on the KPIs that drive your business.

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Why Partner With MyJobMag

Why Partner With MyJobMag

Technology is the major driver in today’s economy. With this comes the need for companies to embrace technology in diverse capacities to ensure they remain relevant. This has led to growth in different areas of technology - software development, design, data, machine learning, among others.

MyJobMag is positioned to help you identify, train and fill these gaps in your Organization.

Founded by a technology driven team, we are not only enthusiastic about technology but experienced in diverse technology area including networking, database administration, programming and user experience designs.

Talent is great, attitude is everything.

This is where our recruitment experience comes to the fore. We have created processes for identifying candidates that align with your Company’s values and mentoring them towards becoming valuable team members.

Based on the nature of the role, we draw up KPIs, measure staff performance, recommend changes and ultimately ensure the roles remain filled by the best in the industry.

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