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Best recruitment company in Nigeria

Recruitment Company in Lagos

As the nation's largest city and hub for business and entertainment industries, Lagos state is a land full of opportunities.

Thousands of people migrate from neighbouring states daily to seek better work opportunities in Lagos, given that most big companies have their HQ in the state.

You would think that sourcing eligible candidates would be a walk in the park, but it's quite the opposite.

Companies, especially multinationals, still go through a long and difficult phase in recruiting competent staff to handle various positions in their organisation. It has become a thing of necessity to employ the help of recruitment companies like MyJobMag to help speed up the recruitment process.

MyJobMag is arguably the best recruitment company in Lagos with our team of able recruiters who believe in specialization and dedication of human and financial resources towards a particular niche in the job market, working on becoming the best in that niche, thereby giving us a huge competitive advantage.

Our team of MyJobMag recruiters in Lagos specialize in providing quality staffing options, whether temporary, permanent, part-time or full-time employees in the following fields:

  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement/Supply Chain
  • Executive Search

Our services stand out from other recruitment companies in Lagos because of the low level of our employee turnover.

Due to skill mismatch and poor minimum wage, many companies are unable to retain staff. MyJobMag helps reduce employee turnover by connecting suitable candidates to the right companies. Our consultants are open to discussions and work with you to understand your business requirements, organisational culture, work environment and ethics, to enable us to deliver qualified and compatible candidates.

MyJobMag helps to reduce employee turnover by connecting the right candidates to the right companies. Our consultants are open to discussions and work with you to understand your business requirements, organisational culture, work environments and ethics, to enable us to deliver qualified and compatible candidates.

Having understood your needs, our consultants carry out a tailored exercise consisting of extensive search in our candidates' database, advertising or targeted headhunting. We invest heavily in our extensive database of candidates, to ensure that our clients have the best candidates in the marketplace. Furthermore, MyJobMag consultants have a team of researchers to network across markets, to source for and identify the best candidates even in the most difficult searches.

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executive recruitment

Executive Search and Head Hunting

We possess an outstanding pedigree in identifying competent and well-suited candidates for your executive positions by deploying our tested and proven methodology of consistently and proficiently recruiting strategic leaders for organisational success. We help you attract result-driven, visionary and competent candidates who would help position your organisation for profitable growth. Our team comprises industry experts and leaders dedicated to finding the right senior executives for your organisation who would ensure that purposeful decisions are made and boost the organisation's capability to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.
mid level recruitment

Mid-Level Recruitment

Without the right mid-level managers in place, day-to-day delivery is impacted, and employee growth will stall. To help you thrive in adversity and prosperity, we deliver driven and prolific mid-level managers with a verified track record of excellence and are multi-skilled. We assure you of low levels of employee attrition. We source specialists and managers who will provide critical areas of expertise for your organisation to excel. Our recruitment is evidence-based, ensuring we get the right skill and culture fit to help you achieve optimal performance and attain a sustainable competitive advantage.
graduate recruitment

Graduate Recruitment

At this level, attitude and IQ is everything. We identify and recruit fresh graduates that are technology savvy, curious, enthusiastic, flexible and can multitask. We partner with your organisation to understand your needs and attract, hire as well as retain these Generation-Z candidates to help your organisation win. Our graduate recruitment process includes; candidate outreach, sorting and filtering, assessments and group activities and interviews to assure that the best candidates are recruited for your organisation to thrive.

We are trusted by more than 10,200 Employers in Nigeria

" TEXEM, UK, is most delighted to recommend MyJobMag for unparalleled quality in consistently attracting excellent competent, honest and self-motivated employees for our stakeholders and us. Their service is first among equals in West Africa. MyJobMag always values stakeholders' time; their consultants possess a charming attitude and offer impressive industry and contextual insights. Importantly they always raise the bar and deliver above expectations. Bumper return on investment with MyJobMag is always assured. "
Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas, Director, TEXEM, UK

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