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    Mamiba Hotel Supplies Jobs in Nigeria
    Mamiba Hotel Supply Limited is a major hotel chain amenities supplier in Nigeria and Egypt that strives to provide best quality products to her clients and is looking for excellent sales persons who will create awareness and market these awesome products to hoteliers in[...]
    Date Posted: 22 Jul 2016

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  • About Mamiba Hotel Supplies
  • Mamiba Nigeria is the leading hotel amenities supplier in Nigeria. We strive to provide best quality products to our clients. In partnership with MAMIBACARE EGYPT, we supply the major hotel chains in Nigeria, Middle East and rest of Africa with high quality guest amenities.

    At Mamiba, we value our clients whom we consider as our partners, offering them solutions and consistent top quality products and customer satisfaction.

    Mamiba is committed to designing and manufacturing cosmetics and personal care products according to specifications and in compliance with its clients’ needs. All raw materials used in manufacturing our products are high in quality, environmentally friendly and safe for human use. To ensure our standards are maintained, Mamiba is reviewing periodically its policies and annually its quality objectives in order to add new techniques or regulations leading to its continuous advancement and development.

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