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  • About Eritrean Airlines
  • Eritrean Airlines is a government-financed endeavor established in May 1991, when independence was won. Long time it remained an airline in name only, serving as the only ground handling agent at Asmara International Airport and at Assab and Massawa. The airline has also served as a sales agent for other major carriers which fly to Eritrea. The expansion of the company’s operations to flights was decided at a workshop held in Asmara in May 2002.

    In April 2003 Eritrean Airlines took delivery of its first 767-300ER (extended range) airplane as preparations for new operations to begin. The airline's first Boeing 767-300ER, “Queen Bee” is being leased (with the option of purchase) as the first of a series of airplanes that will enter the carrier’s fleet. The 767 is Boeing’s most popular wide-body airplane and has a well-earned reputation (more than 900 airplanes of this type with more than 80 operators around the world).

    Eritrean Airlines, short name B8 and member of IATA, operates scheduled passenger and cargo services from its Eritrean headquarters in Asmara to Rome, Cairo, Jeddah, Dubai andKhartoum, with more destinations to be added in the near future.

    Relief goods donated by the governments and relief organizations of several EU countries is the main cargo flying to Asmara, fresh exclusive fishery products travel in the opposite direction.

    Many of the pilots, mechanics and inspectors of Eritrean Airlines have their roots and received their training in Ethiopia as employees of Ethiopian Airlines, but were expelled from Ethiopia by the TPLF regime. The flights attendants were recruited from the Asmara Intercontinental Hotel.

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